Lazy Lamb Chop

Finger licking tenderness

Juicier. Saucier. So Tender

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At Lazy Kitchen, a chef
with 13 years of culinary
And an air steward
With 5 years of
professional experience


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The best lamb
comes from thorough sourcing.
That's what we do,
we checked out 11 farms
and pick the
best quality lamb.

With marinated herbs

giving your nostrils
a thumbs up



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5 Flavours
Made with
31 different spices


90% of Our Seasoning
are imported from



Now, you can enjoy
unique tastes from
Foreign Countries
without having to
Travel Abroad!



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Furthermore, we use the safest
Refrigerated Transportation
for shipping

Free Shipping
for a minimum order of 10 pieces
(East & West Malaysia)

99% good reviews
Sold over 10000 pieces
every month



Representing Malaysia
【​Asia's 100 Most Favorite Products】



FAQ: ​

1) Is your Lamb Chop with bone?

We only used high quality

boneless and tender lamb shoulder. 

​that is easier to be eaten and also

suitable for children.


30% of lamb chop are usually bone

which we can't eat but we still

pay for the weight,

without bone, you get to

enjoy 100% of meat!

2) Are the lamb chops raw or cooked?
3) Do the lamb chops come with sauce?
4) Is that 0 preservatives?
5) How to cook the lamb chops? Easy to cook?
6) Where is the location for self-collection?
7) Can I choose any flavour that I want?

5 unique flavours

you can't get these at

97% of the cafes!


1)Signature Curry Flavour


A slightly spicy flavour
Combined with the
unique richness of
Nyonya Curry​

Flavourful yet refreshing
You'll be completely hooked


2)Authentic Western Black
Pepper Flavor


Ground using pure & top
Sarawak Black Pepper​
Our black pepper will
wow you

As each bite

burst with a
tantalising aroma
This flavour will tickle


 3)Delightful Garlic Flavour


Fear not.
This garlic flavour will ease
your nightmare of
not having a good lamb chop.

Let the garlic delight
haunt your senses as

you drench your teeth
on the tender lamb chop.
What a “vampiric” bite!


4)Cumin Flavour


A rarity in Malaysia
Cumin is a
a popular spice in China

It can enhance the chicken

Cumin has a
warm, earthy and slightly


5)Spicy (Mala) Flavour


​ We use chilli and pepper
imported from China
to create an
authentic Sichuan flavour
for you

Stimulating and spicy
Fans of spicy food
would find this flavour


Our lamb manufacturers in Australia
​are ISO & GMP certified


100% fresh guarantee
Insist on using

high-quality fresh lamb shoulder


Once manufactured We use
vacuum quick freezing technology
with 6-digit precision
to preserve the lamb


No Preservatives, No Addition
Our Lamb Chop can stay fresh
in the freezer for 6 months


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